Knowledge and Information

In the following pages, you will find information amd materials on different topics, which may be of help to you in practice. We endeavour to develop these pages and keep them current.

Please note the actual state of the documents, as there are regular changes to the asylum and foreigners’ laws.



Asylum process


Below is selection of Links to handouts with basic information about the asylum procedure in Germany. Please note that this information cannot substitute counseling by a lawyer versed in asylum and foreigners’ law.

Link: Information on the asylum procedure, of the Munich Refugee Council >>>>



The asylum hearing/ interview


The interview is the central element of the asylum procedure. The application for asylum in Germany is decided based on the narrated circumstances and personal reasons for the flight.

Here is a short film which informs about the importance of the interviews as well as the rights of refugees during the interview and other useful information on the hearing at the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees.


Link: The film is available in various languages >>>>

Link: Information on asylum hearing of the Information Network Asylum & Migration in various languages >>>>

Link: Homepage of ArrivalAid for brochure on asylum procedure and interview questionnaire of the Federal Office in various languages >>>>