Brief einer ehemaligen Finanzangestellten aus Afghanistan

„Let’s raise our voice and demand our rights.“ Schon vor der Machtübernahme der Taliban, konnten Frauen* in Afghanistan ihre Rechte oft nicht wahrnehmen. Nun hat sich die Situation nochmal deutlich verschlechtert. Doch damals wie heute, kämpfen afghanische Frauen* für ihre Rechte und eine Verbesserung ihrer Situation. Einige von ihnen, wollen wir sichtbar machen.

Erst kürzlich haben wir einen Offenen Brief weiblicher Ortskräfte veröffentlicht, die sich für den schleppenden Familiennachzug ihrer Familien einsetzten. Nun teilen wir den Brief einer jungen Afghanin, die bis zur Machtübernahme im afghanischen Finanzministerium gearbeitet hat. In ihrem Artikel teilt sie ihre Erfahrung und berichtet, wie es ihr und ihrer Familie derzeit geht.

Der Bayerische Flüchtlingsrat unterstützt die Forderung der Frau. Der offene Brief in englischer Sprache findet sich im Folgenden oder unten als PDF zum Download.


I am one of the Afghan women who worked in the Ministry of Finance. Now I am staying at home. I am not allowed to work. Although I fought with thousands of economic, social and family problems, I finished my education. I wanted to live like an independent and free woman, but with The confrontation with the Taliban lasted for a year, my right to freedom of work was taken away, I was imprisoned in a cage, and thousands of hopes and dreams I had were razed to the ground.

During this period of one year, my husband was forced to leave the country, I and my 3 children lead our lives alone, I bear all the responsibility. 7000 afghan, of which I pay 5000 afghan as house rent, only 2000 afghan, I spend one day full and one day hungry with my children. My colleagues have many problems, they have lost some of their husbands and some of their husbands are disabled and some of their husbands have run away and they are facing hundreds of problems. All of us were educated women and active members of the society. 

Let’s raise our voice and demand our rights.

Perhaps you are aware of this. The news was published in various media that the Ministry of Finance contacted us and was told to introduce your father, husband or brother instead of you. They are trying to eliminate us for various reasons.  And we are insulted and humiliated in different ways, one of my colleagues,  he got a call because he was alone with his 2 children and had no bread. He was in a bad economic situation. Upon hearing this news, he destroyed himself and his children. Similarly, we all are in a bad state of mind. We have found a mental problem.  We have our own problems, I just mentioned one or two examples to inform you and ask for help from your government. We are all begging you to help us and provide us with a way out of this country. To save ourselves and our children from fatelessness.